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Caring Outreach is a Charitable organisation. Non Political, it is based on meeting physical, practical, social needs of human being in the community with NO prejudice. An international U.K. registered charity


Relief of the Need
Relief of the Hardship Relief of the Sick
Relief of the Distress


Membership is open to anyone who agree and support the objec-tives and equal opportunity policy of this Charitable Organisation - Caring Outreach Int. Charity (COIC).


This organisation is committed with all its heart to be providing services and carrying out its activities with due respect to equal oppor-tunities and to ensure that every attempt is made that no one is excluded from participating in or benefitting from our services, on ground of race, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, colour, disability, age, marital status, faith, religion or tribalism.
Discrimination of any type is not acceptable in this organisation.
We are very serious about Caring Outreach Equal Opportunities, World wide and always in operation in all our activities and in the services we provide.


We offer our services according to the most important need and priority in different countries, and all our activities are of International Cross Cultural standard in order to meet people at the point of their need in the community and they are called projects.


(a) REFUGEES:- Refugees are the people who left their countries on emergency to another country / countries or staying in a camp in other to escape death, hunger, crisis and war, caused by politics, tribal problems. We serve them according to their need, we do provide emergency relief such as food, water, clothes and shelter at the camp with medical care.
We do provide general counselling according to their need in each country such as their immigration paper, housing matter, helping them to get their entitlement from the government, helping them with their education, training and job and to help them get back to their country when is peaceful and save if they wish to return.

(b) AFRICA / WORLD IN CRISIS:- World in crisis are the coun-tries lacking a basic standard ofliving e.g. lack of pipe borne water, good road, inadequate medical care, joblessness, homelessness, bad system of education e.t.c.
We do serve the crisis of Africa/ Worldwide according to the need of each country.


(b) AFRICA / WORLD IN CRISIS:- World in crisis are the coun-tries lacking a basic standard ofliving e.g. lack of pipe borne water, good road, inadequate medical care, joblessness, homelessness, bad system of education e.t.c.
We do serve the crisis of Africa/ Worldwide according to the need of each country.

1. Providing Irrigation: For a perfect fanning in an area with no constant rain and in supporting local farmer with seeds and farming equipment and fertilizer in order to grow their crops to support the community.

2. Medical Care: It's our main concern to provide complete medical care and we do this by opening a medical centre where all less priviledged, poor, sick and needy people comes to receive medical treatment free of charge, children, pregnant women, elderly, jobless people.
All our drugs are donated to us free and many of our medical staff are qualified workers, majority are volunteers.

3. Shelter:- We do provide shelter at refugee camp when people ran out of their countries because of war which always are temporary stay, we do always use a church hall, school hall, temporary shed, look at our homeless people for homeless information matter.


4. Education:- Through this project, we do educate children, adult and trainning those who need to be trained that's our high priority.
Everyone has the right as a human being to receive sound education and training, especially the poor, the needy and the less priviledged in our society who can not afford to be educated because of their position of poverty / broken homes. We operate free Nursery School, Primary School for those people aforesaid and train those who needed to be skillful in a special area after primary education and we do sponsor our students up to secondary / college level and we hope to have our secondary / college soon.
Let us read briefly about the project for University and Higher education. We do sponsor students to study for their degree courses by granting them schorlarship in Europe,U. S.A. Far East and in other countries that takes education to be of high priority. So those in need of this service / help should contact us immediately, especially in a country where higher school and University are always on strike which affect their studies, this project is a part of support to the community and in helping the Government together we shall make it.
We do general training also of e.g.Catering, Carpentary, Mechani-cal, Painting, Artistic work etc.


5. Clean Water:- It's one of the most important projects, especially in rural areas. This is how it works; we do supply clean ready made plastic / bottled water on emergency at refugee camps as a short time project. The longtime project is to villages, towns etc. How? By digging a deep well with manual water pump in which people at the villages can go to the center of their villages and fetch water for their domestic use, The same thing that applies to the village also apply to a city, town that needed constant supply of water in each location of their areas.

Let us know ifyou need this clean water project in your area.



Elderly people categorised as old people, pensioneers. Many elderly pensioneers are always on their own, eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, travelling etc on their own because of one reason and other. Our Elderly people's project varies from one country to another. Generally, we do help them with their shopping, decorating their houses, gardening, taking them out, in visiting / befriending, counselling and mainly bringing them together once or twice in a week to our community centres in order to meet with other people, in playing game together, eating, drinking, charting and sharing ideas in fellowship and we do arrange travelling trip once or twice in a year to another town or country of interest with special sight seeing of peace to a remarkable place.


Homeless people are under three categories:

(i)The major homeless people are those categorised undo, Drug Addicts, Ex Offenders, People in Crime, Alcoholics, People without fixed address, Sleeping on streets, under the bridge, subways. Many became homeless when they are out of prison, no one, even their families and friends does not want them back, but we do provide a place for them, and some because homeless because they could not afford to pay their mortgage and having different types of problems, e.g. Broken homes, Joblessness, Bad gangs and Rion& and through this they became Alcoholics / Drug Addicts and thinking they can get over their problems through taking Drugs / Alcholics which is not so.
Our main work towards this people is, giving them a chance to re start their lives in a Hostel giving them clothes, shoes and in feeding them especially during the winter time, and in helping them to cut their hair & be tidy, also in helping them to get job and in training them. This also may apply to Area Boys and Ghetto Boys. It depends on the name it is called in different countries of the world.
However, we strongly let the world wide community be aware that Hard drugs are killer and destroyer of human lives, career, future etc., e.g. Crack, Cocaine, Heroine, Marijuana, Glue sniffing, Drug injection, Indian hemp, Pills overdose e.g. Madras, Everdrin etc.

(ii) Category two are those who are homeless in their own home, ie. If the house is Over crowded in the sense that one or two people have no bedroom(s) but sleeping in the seating room or having children above the bedroom which they are occupying at present. We help this type of people through advice of what they are entitled to under the housing homeless act of their country and register them with homeless persons unit and in lighting for them to get a council property or property from the housing association which is cheaper than a private house, but they could get housing benefit to support them to pay for their house rent.

(iii) Category three are those TENANTS victimised by a hostile landlord by ejecting their tenants with no solid reason or increasing the house rent with no proper reason or notice than greediness and lack of human feelings.
We represent and fight for any tenant that is a victim of such landlord. Before any landlord should increase his / her house tent, a notice of increase should be given and the amenities in that house must justify the rent increase, any house with no regular running of pipe burn water, deepwell, borchole system water, good heating and sanitation/ toilet/rest room system is not worthy ofany increament in any way.
Ifyou are facing this type of problem, please contact us for help according to International Human Right Act.
Every one has the right to leave happily and comfortably and to enjoy value for money.



Helping them to resolve their conflict and to avoid "legal arena" by bringing both parties that are involved in Religious, Business, Marital, Tribal, Family conflicts together. We shall be happy to help resolve your conflicts through our concilliation project worldwide.




Child abuse is a very important matter that gives us concern, the .., way children are treated, punishing a child without letting him know why he's being punished. When adult get angry, children starves, when adult get sick, children die. Children selling few things on the street in order to eat, children struggling to feed their parents, children being used for prostitution and house wife being abused through beating and wrongly treated just because she is a woman and may not get another man to marry her in time or because of her children or her house, she endures. It's time for you to talk it out
35,000 precious young lives are dying of diseases everyday. Children are the ultimate silent majority.
The project is to let the public be aware of child abuse as an International Act of criminal behaviour and children found abused with proof, we'll take legal action against the parent or guardian and such children are taken out ofsuch parent to be adopted or to a home for needy children, and a woman who is being badly treated by the husband in one way and another with genuine proof and evidence, such a woman is taken to our women refugee, house until she will be okay and every matter concerning her husband is settled except she wants to divorce.
Write or Plume us for more details.


Our project goes towards those Children and Adult that arc mentally / physically disabled in the community. e.g Lame, Deaf and Dumb, Mentally disordered, Blind, Leper etc.
Their needs are met according to their situations in the commu-nity. Our activities towards them are medical care, education, training, providing them with a place to live called (Home) highly exposed to all types of sports, musical instruments, songs and home work and few other things that will help them to help themselves and their community.
Please do write us forfull information concerning this project.


We believe that many unreached people are Rich, highly posi-tioned people in the society that are having one problem and other, but they could not be helped by anyone or organisation due to their might position, but they are dying of loneliness and shame of sharing then needs with others.
We shall be happy to hear from you, if you are in this position, write to COIC unreached people, secret and confidential. You will be glad you did write us.
Other unreached people are those who are poor, leaving in the most remote part of any country, non civilized at all, even refuse to put on clothes and shoes.
We do reach them firstly by meeting them at their points sof needs e.g befriending them firstly etc.


They manage the work in each country. Board of Trustees of "GEVIC" are the Board of Trustees of Caring Outreach International Charity and are set up according to the law of each country.
Charity Registered in U.K and Overseas.


Board of Advisory panel is the panel making decision body, ma4tng decision on which project to support or where to carry on a new project. They are the one sitting for the Business of COIC and set up in each country to do the job, they are different people who are compassionate and having caring heart with past experience in hearisnitarian / charitable lives, not greedy, not covet of money. They are drawn from all works of live, regardless of their religion, tribe, nationality and sex.


Caring Outreach International Charity depend on free will gifts of money, materials such as clothes, shoes, medical items, electricity generating plants, vehicles, farming seeds, motorcycles, bicycles, office equipment, education materials, hospital materials etc and we do raise money through concert, sponsoring TV / Radio programmes, Newspaper / Magazine advertisement, Fund raising, Jumble sales, People making wills, collection of money at the Streets, Stations, Stores and Airports.
Making will for this organisation is mostly encouraged. Individuals, Companies, Assciciations, Groups Churches, Mosques do a lot of financial help towards our project.
Fill in the form at the end of this information and let us see you helping this great work and you will make life better for others. A certificate of great award will be sent to you.


We depend on volunteers who are specialized in their field but unemployed or serving their nation being paid by their government, for few months notices. But we do pay them travel and food allowances.
We do have our own MI / part time workers, staff and all our vacancies are always advertised according to the need or vacancy of the position.
Please help us to employ more people for this work.


All our activities and correspondences are carried out in our offices / centres in each country.
We may have more than one centre in a country but only one Headquarter in a country. You are free to send Money / Gifts to any of our headquarters. Our General Headquarter is in London registered as an International Charitable Organisation.


The Charity wee finally registered as an International Organisation in 1992 in united kingdom now in USA., Germany, Kenya, Zaire Rwanda/Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Republic of Benin . ' has many workers, supporters, partners, friends. This started by on man with a vision. U.K media called him "Caring Gabriel an Angel" The other media also called him "a man reaching out to those in need"....
Thousands of hopeless souls has being helped locally, nationally and internationally and we are still very active in our projects through your help and of others that are supporting this work. Thanks!


AFRICA IN CRISIS- Please Help save lives.
Dear Friend,
With what I have gone through in life, before I became the - treasurer, and now, the EXCO of CARINGOUTREACHINTERNATIONAL CHARITY, I was caring for five children in an overcrowded Condition, and regularly beaten by my ex-husband, depressed, and I twice tried to kill myself, cut my throat, and wrists, and took overdose. My life was saved by this Mission All these things happenedto me in a developed World, London, but now listen, I have never seen anything so had in my life. Thousands have died in Africa, decade of War, tragedy of Famine, Disease, Starvation, one child dies every DAY. Children are so weak, and could not stand on their feet.
I don't only believe in "GOD BLESS AFRICA" but I greatly believed in AFRICA, THIS IS MY OWN GIFT."
I greatly need your help to do this project, People like you cares, that is why,I was helped because we minister to the poorest ofthe poor each day, since 1976 caring liglit breaks through the darkness of hunger, hopelessness, Loneliness, Sickness, death, e.t.c. in Africa, and World wide, .lust, because you care, CARE, CARE.
NO GIFT OR DONAT ION IS TOO SMALL FOR THIS WORK, DON'T forget, your little gift saves my life, and of my Children, that is why, I am able to appeal for those in need, in Africa as an English LADY.
Sharon Graham.

Over 10,000 number ofliriencis are needed to help suppoitthis, AFRICA CRISIS SURVIVAL PROJECT IN ACTION NOW. Be part of it

I. You could go to one ofthese places, to work as a volunteer, for few months as a Medical Doctor, Nurse, 'leacher, Builder, Plumber, Driver, Engineers, Secretary...

2. You could send us a donation as a one off gift, and we could claim Tax back.

3. You could have standing order to pay a certain amount, Monthly, and if you COVENANT, we can claim back the Tax, and that will increase your giving by 33% as a U.K Tax payer also.

4. You could help us raise funds by organising a concert, crtimer, jumble sales, A trip, A dance and by giving many oft his leaflets to your family, and friends that cares. AFRICA SHALL SURVIVE. YES.

5. You could become our partner, as a group, Company and Indi-vidual , and a CERTIFICATE of partnership would-be givento you, as our partner and sponsorship person.



Please donate by transfer,deposit or set up standing order to help this charity project.

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Caring Outreach Internatiional Charity.
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